Services Available from Right at Home In-Home Care

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Right at Home

Scott Sjoberg is the owner and operator of three Kansas City businesses. Established in 2010, Right at Home is a home care and assistance provider supporting seniors in the Kansas City metro area. Under Scott Sjoberg’s direction, Right at Home was voted one of the top three home care agencies in Kansas City.

Right at Home offers its clients a range of private duty services that are vital to their day-to-day life, beyond their medical care. These services include grocery shopping and meal preparation, transportation to appointments and social events, housekeeping, and general companionship.

The business also provides clients and their families with a regular e-newsletter, keeping them up to date on services, and delivering articles on the latest pertinent news. For instance, a recent newsletter shared an important article on the danger of air pollution to senior family members.

Beyond these basic offerings, Right at Home provides specialty care services for clients facing specific illnesses or debilitations. The staff prepares customized care plans uniquely suited to the needs of each client.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia receive care that emphasizes routine and continuity, low-stress environments, and deliberate efforts to minimize confusion about any given time, date, or location. Clients with diabetes receive one-on-one education about blood glucose levels, healthy meal plan creation, and medication reminders. Specialty services are also available to individuals with mental health issues, traumatic brain injuries, and heart disease, as well as patients recovering from cancer.

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