Leawood Church of the Resurrection Constructs New Sanctuary

Leawood Church of the Resurrection pic

Leawood Church of the Resurrection
Image: cor.org

The owner and operator of a Right at Home franchise in Overland Park, Kansas, Scott Sjoberg maintains a strong presence in his local community. Scott Sjoberg is active with the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, which has a 76-acre campus in Leawood.

As part of a $93 million capital improvement project, the church has neared completion of a sanctuary building designed to seat 3,500 worshipers. The distinctive building features seven exterior panels clad with stainless steel that together represent the days of creation, as well as the days that make up the Holy Week.

A central feature of the sanctuary is its stained-glass Resurrection Window. Comprised of 161 panels, each 5 feet tall and 4 feet in width, the window provides a colorful retelling of the story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Protected by a glass “curtain wall,” the Resurrection Window also serves as an eighth exterior panel, which rises above the sanctuary’s 35-foot limestone base. Kept safe from the elements, it is visible throughout the local area at night.

The Resurrection Window cost $3.4 million to construct, with funds coming from patrons of sacred art and congregation members. It stands above a large-scale video display that utilizes more than 1,500 LED panels and provides maximum visual impact during services.

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