Ways to Participate in Bike MS


Bike MS pic

Bike MS
Image: nationalmssociety.org

Scott Sjoberg serves as a partner at multiple golf companies in Kansas. A supporter of several medical charities, Scott Sjoberg has participated in Bike MS, which hosts bicycle riding events to raise money for the fight against multiple sclerosis.

While many people choose to participate individually in Bike MS, numerous alternative options are available for those who wish to do more. People who enjoy working in groups can join a local team and share the challenge of fundraising.

Corporate participants often create national teams, which pool effort and resources from many markets and receive support from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Particularly successful fundraisers can join the National Bike MS Passport Program, which allows individuals to ride in as many Bike MS events as they choose.

While bicycle riding is the most common form of participation in Bike MS events, many people join the volunteer team instead. Volunteers help keep participants safe and keep the event running smoothly.

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