Fundraising Ideas for the Bike MS Charity Event

Scott Sjoberg is an accomplished sales professional who draws upon three decades of experience. In the course of his career, he has served in multiple broadcast positions, beginning with account executive at various TV stations and rising to become local sales manager at KCTV in Kansas City, Missouri. Scott Sjoberg, also the co-owner of Right at Home, which serves seniors and disabled individuals at home, has helped fundraise for the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Bike MS.

Bike MS, the biggest charity cycling event in the U.S., has helped raise $1.4 billion to enable the Society to pursue its mission of assisting those with MS to live a dignified life. The funds raised are used to promote research and bring critical services closer to individuals affected by MS. The following are various associated fundraising ideas to support Bike MS.

Host a Dinner or Wine-Tasting Party

For starters, a dinner or wine-tasting is a great way of inviting donors to share their dish or wine. This party can either be an in-person or online event.

Organize a Garage Sale

A garage sale is another great idea for fundraising. Donors can go through items they no longer need and sell them to raise money for donation.

Host a Netflix Party

A Netflix party can bring together family, friends, and teammates to watch a movie together. Fun games can be incorporated into movie times. A mention of the word “bike” during the movie means everyone makes a $1 donation.

Promote a Lip Sync Battle

In this one, team members record their song videos and submit them to the team leader. Time is set aside to review all the videos, and allow donors to choose their favorite video, using a specified donation amount. The video that attracts the most donations is declared the winner. Besides singing videos, other contesting ideas include a kid photo or pet photo contest.


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