Bee Organized’s Customized Approach to Transforming Home Environments


Bee Organized pic

Bee Organized

Scott Sjoberg is a respected presence in the Overland Park, Kansas, community and co-owns Bee Organized Enterprises. Currently engaged in franchise expansion in Texas and the Midwest, Scott Sjoberg and the company’s staff guide in-home services designed to help simply people’s lives.

Bee Organized provides professional, nonjudgmental support to assist homeowners who feel overwhelmed by their possessions and clutter, and don’t know where to start in organizing and creating a sense of harmony in their living environment. Customized solutions emphasize synergistic teamwork, with a sense of fun and purpose created in redefining the home as a place in which to relax and get productive tasks accomplished. The Bee Organized Assessment involves in-home evaluation, with a focus on the homeowner’s specific situation.

Descriptions of Bee Organized services by satisfied customers speak volumes, with one client calling their work, which included filing and sorting, and installing shelves, a “marriage saver.” She commended the company for transforming the feel of her home office into a more productive and manageable work space in which she can actually get work done.

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